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I am new to yoga and I have been to the Hanover studio and experienced classes with Laurie and I cannot believe the enthusiasm that she brings to her classes. I have done several classes at Open Door and have loved all of them but the special feeling that Laurie brings to her class is extraordinary!! Many thanks to Laurie for making me feel a part of her practice in such a special way!! She is a true testimomy of what yoga is on the south shore. I feel so blessed and inspired by her presence! Thank you Laurie.

Thank you!

Laura C.


Dear Richard (Founder and Owner of Open Doors),

I will be leaving the state next week and heading to Florida. I cannot leave without thanking you for the amazing experience that I have had at Open Doors over the last 7 years. You have a captivating audience and there is no other place that I have ever practiced yoga like Open Doors. I congratulate you for your success and your passion to be the best in the industry. I have been blessed to be touched by so many instructors at Open Doors, they have all had an impact on me personally but I would be remiss if I didn't tell you there is one instructor that has left an everlasting positive inspiration in my life. That is Laurie Baron!!! Her gift to teach not only the practice of yoga but to enlighten every individual she touches cannot be put into words. She gave me strength physically and more importantly spiritually than I could have ever imagined. I am so grateful to Laurie and to you too for the lasting impact that Open Doors has made in my life. This has been a journey that I will never forget. I wish you continued success. Feeling very blessed!




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