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Strong body. Open heart.

I believe in the deep connection of body, mind & spirit. Taking care of your body will ultimately enhance your state of mind and total well being.

I believe it is important to make fitness a part of your life. Just like brushing your teeth!

Weight training combined with yoga (flexibility) is a perfect fit. Strength training will increase your lean muscle mass which will rev up your metabolism. Yoga will increase your flexibility, calm your mind & sooth your soul!



Working as a Personal Trainer and Yoga Teacher gives me the opportunity to design a workout that offers strength and flexibility, so you see optimal results. The idea is to challenge your body... if you are uncomfortable, your body is changing. Weight training combined with stretching (yoga) is the perfect recipe to reach your fitness goals.


I work with medicine balls and stability balls, as well as free weights and cables. In the summer, I encourage my clients to train outdoors as much as possible. Combining fitness with the beauty of nature is pure bliss! Check out Beach Boot Camp for more information on my all time favorite class.

I look forward to working out with you!

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